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Series I’m DNFing: Blogmas Day 3

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about the series I want to quit. How far do you get in a series before deciding it isn’t for you? I just keep reading until the end if I don’t stop really early on.

I’m so happy this list is short! I must be picking better series for my tastes to start these days.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was one that I read because I started to realize I like scifi this year. However, this one wasn’t for me. I think it was simply the writing style that I couldn’t get into, which I am having the same problem with a lot of scifi classics I try.

Heartstopper was on this list in 2021, but I still read another in 2022. I think I finally realize why I don’t like these books. They are just too fluffy for me. I don’t really enjoy books without a heavy dose of drama or tragedy. I gotta be on the edge of my seat and I just wasn’t.

This time I am quitting Hertstopper for sure!

I was looking through all the series I currently reading and I found the School for good and evil series. I started this series around four years ago and never read past book 2.

I’m just not interested in it anymore, but I might watch the TV show to see how that plays out.

I did enjoy The Wild Robot a lot but honestly didn’t like the 2nd book. I tried to read book 2 so many times and just couldn’t get into it. The Wild Robot is one of my favorite books of this year, but the second one was just too different from the first. I wished we could’ve just left it at one book or stayed on the island in book 2.

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