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2023 Winter Releases: Blogmas Day 7

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about books coming out soon that I want to read. I make this sort of post once each season and this one was the hardest for sure. I just haven’t heard a lot of hype about many upcoming titles lately!

However, we are here and I do have a few to go over. If you are wondering, I still have covid. Although, I think I’ve had the worst of it. I’m mostly just coughing a ton at this point. It sucks when every person in your house gets it at once. No one gets to just lay around, be sick, and get taken care of (except my daughter, of course).

Lastly, let me know what book being published you are most excited about this winter!

January ?

On Sanderson’s website, it says this book will be called Trees of the Emerald Sea. It’s narrated by Hoid, which you would only know who that is if you’ve read books within the Cosmere before. The only other thing I know is it centers pirates. I’m really excited t see what happens in this book and all the others.

2023’s gonna be Sanderson’s year and I’m here for it all. Let me know what you think about these secret projects! I’ve watched quite a few of his videos on Youtube about the process of publishing them, but not all.

January 10th

I saw Spare on Twitter when it was announced and immediately added it to my list. I’m not a huge fan of the royal family like some people (aka my Mom)(she has so much Princess Diana memorabilia), but I do find the idea of this book interesting. However, it is over 400 pages! I’m willing to read it, but I was taken aback by that page count. I’m not afraid of big books, but I don’t think I’ve read a memoir nearly that big in my life.

January 19th

This is a sort of dystopian world where people are systematically punished for being unmarried. It follows four couples who experience just how hard relationships are when every one of their moves is being tracked.

I’ve only read The One by Marrs thus far and I’m so excited to get to something else by him.

February 21st

This one follows a forty-ish woman who visits her old boarding school to investigate the death of her classmate in the 90s. She believes the man whose been in jail for 20 years is not the murderer and has to solve the crime.

February 28th

This one is a horror following Jade who takes a trip to Vietnam to visit her estranged father. She keeps seeing odd things, including the ghost of this bride who tells her not to eat. The problem is, no one believes what she says she sees. She has to battle this house, which seems to want her whole family dead, alone.

March 2nd

This one follows a notorious pirate named Amina who has been tasked with finding a missing girl. However, this job is a lot more than she bargained for and may even cost her her own soul.

I was thinking I haven’t even read her other series yet, but this book about pirates seems really good! It’s something I haven’t read much but would love to.

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3 thoughts on “2023 Winter Releases: Blogmas Day 7

  1. The Marriage Act is a brilliant dystopian read. I hope that you enjoy it. I have to say that I’m not at all interested in Spare. He just comes across as spoilt to me and the way he is attacking his family seems so hurtful

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