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How I Did on My Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 10

Hello readers! Today’s post is wrapping up my reading goals from 2022. I had 7 goals in 2022 and I know I didn’t do the best this year. However, I am ready for the new year.

Goal #1 was to read 200 books. I genuinely thought I could do this because I had an amazing reading year in 2021. However, I did not. So far, I have read 86 books, and I am pretty happy with them. I still read quite a few books, but just didn’t read often in the year, which sucked.

Goal #2 was to read all the books in the mystery/thriller category of the Goodread’s Choice Award. I did not even read one book on the list. I read a few IN 2021, but not this year. I just never got into the thriller mood this year, so I didn’t read many.

Goal #3 was to read more indie books. I read a lot of independently published books in 2021 and I wanted to continue in 2022. I read 6 in 2022, which is nowhere near what I wanted. However, it is more than one or two, so I can’t be mad about it.

Goal #4 was to do Buzzwordathon. I did do a couple of them, but it was by accident. I am prepared to try much harder at the challenge next year.

Goal #5 was to DNF more books. Man, did I do this like crazy. I usually do a post of all the books I DNF’d in the year, but 2022 had so many that would be impossible. I might try to make a list and see if I can, or just talk about the highlights of that, but I DNF’d so many it’s crazy.

Goal #6 was to finish 12 series. I thought it would be plausible to try for one a month. I finished 9 and I’m proud of that number. I really tried to focus on the series more this year, and I’m planning to do it even more in 2023.

Goal #7 was to start fewer series. I know I started around 20 series in 2021 and that was not good. I couldn’t let that happen again. In 2022, I started 10 series. I’m very happy with that number!

Let me know what goal you did the best on in 2022!

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