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Most Read Authors: Blogmas Day 11

Hello readers! Today we are going over my top 8 most-read authors. I made another post just like this in the summer of 2021, so I thought it would be a great time for an update.

In 2022, my most-read author is Julie Anne Lindsey. I read the 7 books in the Seaside Cafe series, which she writes under the name Bree Baker. I also read 4 books in her Bonnie and Clyde series, totaling 11 books!

Tite Kubo – 37 Books

Tite Kubo has been my most read author for over 10 years! He is a Japanese manga writer of Bleach. Bleach is my favorite anime/manga, but I haven’t read a book in that series since high school. I didn’t even finish the series, but I hope to one day.

Stephen King – 29 books

Stephen King is the author that created my love of reading. I hated reading until the age of 12 when I read Lisey’s Story by him.

I always loved horror movies from a disturbingly young age and after I discovered his movies, I had to try his books.

I don’t love his books as much anymore, but I do still read them on occasion and have read almost 30 of his books in the last 16 years.

P.C. Cast – 24 books

Cast was one of my absolute favorite authors in my teens and as a result, I have read so many of her books. However, I don’t enjoy her books much anymore. I am still hoping to finish the series I’m reading by her, Tales of a New World, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue after.

Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler – 21 books

Snicket is most infamous for his Series of Unfortunate Events series. I do like that series, though he does leave a ton of unanswered questions, and I love his connected books about Snicket as a kid. However, I don’t like his books outside of that world. If he writes something else connected to the Series of Unfortunate Events, I’ll read it straight away, otherwise I don’t think I’ll read more of his books.

Jeff Kinney – 18 books

Kinney is the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the spin-off series Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid. I love these books and have loved them since the early years. I will continue to read them as long as they are published. I am 2 books behind n the series, but I’ll get to them one of these days.

It is so nice reading books like this because my daughter also loves them now! It is always great to find a book series that you can love with your family members. I didn’t have anyone around me who enjoyed reading when I was a kid and I wish it did!

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