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January 2023 TBR: Blogmas Day 14

Hello readers! It’s almost 2023 and that means it’s time for a TBR post. A big portion of TBR is going to be taken up by books toward my reading goals. I want to put my best foot forward for the new year. HOWEVER, I also have found a ton of readalongs to do and such. I may be overcommitting but I don’t mind. I love reading things along with other people, so I’m going to try it! I wish there were more readalongs, readathons, and book clubs here on WordPress.

First, we have the book for Buzzwordathon for Life or Death in the title. I’ve wanted to read this one for a really long time and I’m super happy to get to it first thing in 2023!

I know this book follows Vivek, who is having a lot of blackouts. THis eventually leads him to find he has Dissociative Identity Disorder. I do know quite a lot about this disorder, as I have watched a creator with it for years, so I hope the representation is really good.

The second book is The Blade Itself for the Catch Up Book Club. I’m so excited to start this series and read it with a ton of people. Reading is so much better when you do it in groups.

This one follows a Nobleman, a barbarian, and a torturer. They meet a wizard and I’m not sure what happens after that. This is a very character-driven fantasy book, which is what I love. I heard it has almost no plot at all and I don’t mind that one bit.

I may regret this, but I’m going to add another book that’s the first in a series. I am considering doing this read-along I saw on Booktube of this entire world.

If I decide to keep going with this one, then I’ll let you guys know all about the read-along. I am very softly committing myself to this one.

Pratchett is one of those legendary authors in fantasy and I really want to try his books. I just have this feeling that 2023 is going to be a great year for fantasy for me.

I’m in the mood for some middle-grade in January. When it comes to middle grade, I really prefer literary fiction.

Small Town Pride follows Jake, a small-town gay kid who is just navigating life. His supportive father hangs a giant pride flag in the year and people around town start complaining to the city.

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