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December Wrap Up

Hello readers! It’s officially 2023 and I am here to tell you everything I read in December. It was a pretty good reading month. I don’t usually read much in December and I didn’t this December either. However, I do have 5 books to go over.

What is the last book you read in 2022? I feel like the last book I read in the year and the first really sets the tone for the whole year, reading-wise.


The Polar Express is a picture book. The book wasn’t bad, but the movie is way better. The only character you really see in the book is the main character. All the other characters don’t exist.


A Very Merry Bromance is the fifth book in the Bromance Book Club series. This one surrounded Christmas and both love interests relationship with it. This is one of those romances where one is really bubbly and the other is a Grinch.

I am so sad to see this series come to an end! This series is so funny, sad, uplifting, and even a little cheesy. I do wish the guys were in this book more! I feel like the whole bookclub hung out more in the previous books.


I didn’t even know this book existed before seeing it on Libby. It isn’t written by Burton, but it’s still canon to the overall story.

If you’ve seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, you may have wondered what was behind all the other holiday doors in those trees. Well, we get to see every single one in this book, including one we didn’t know about.

It starts out with Jack and Sally getting married. She becomes very overwhelmed with her new role as Pumpkin Queen and decides to run away into the forest. When she opens this door, the one we didn’t know about, she lets out The Sandman and he puts every person in every town to sleep. This includes Halloweentown, Christmastown, the human world, and all the others.

I hope they make this into a movie! Sally was the only character in The Nightmare Before Christmas that actually had some common sense and I love seeing her as the main character instead of the woman everyone ignores. Let’s face it, Sally was done so wrong by every single character in the movie.


I know, I know. I put these on my 23 fantasy books to read in 2023 and I started it a little early. I just had the urge to start the series in the last week of December and now I hope to finish the series early in January.

I finished Shadows of Self with only a few hours left in the year. I am really loving the series, despite thinking I wouldn’t. I don’t know why I ever doubted Sanderson.

I love the characters and the conversations. I enjoy seeing real-world conversations like those about feminism. I liked seeing an autistic character done really, really well here. She isn’t just used as a human encyclopedia. I’m so tired of seeing autistic characters just used for their one talent or their big brains. Even the way she is treated by other characters is the way most people treat autistic people in real life. They treat us like we are annoying and boring.

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