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2022 Reading Stats

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about the books I read in 2022. I love stats and really love tracking all this stuff. If you love stats, then keep on reading! I cannot wait to see everyone else’s for this year.

In 2022, I read 22,951 pages across 90 books! I’m honestly thrilled with the books I did read. In 2023, I am still aiming to read more consistently, though.

Here is how many books I read in each month. I hate how I have almost 20 in some months and 3 in others.

The next chart shows the pages in each month. This chart is even more inconsistent than the number of books.

To be honest, I read so many short books this year, which is odd for me. That will also be changing next year. I am in a fantasy mood and most I want to get to are very large. I miss the old me that read 500+ books every month.

This chart is always drastically different every year. I did listen to mostly audiobooks, which is normal for me.

I have ADHD and listening to audiobooks helps me so much! I can always put one on and play a game or do housework. Doing two things at once keeps my attention much better.

Here is the age group for each book. I am not totally surprised by this chart. I’m finally reaching that age where YA is less and less appealing to me. However, I won’t quit reading it all together anytime soon.

I did have a little goal to read more male authors in 2022 and I really did it. I don’t like having one gender dominating over the other, but I do think I could improve on nonbinary authors.

Here is a breakdown of where each book came from. As you can see, I didn’t read much from my TBR in 2022, so I am focusing on that more in 2023.

Libby is my biggest area. Discovering Libby a few years ago really changed my reading. I feel like I can read so much more. I used to struggle to finish any books because I couldn’t get motivated enough to read, even if I loved the book.

I tried to read so many books this year that were published in 2022. I really love the ability to vote on the Goodreads Choice Awards! I did read a ton, but most of them didn’t even make it to the list! I gotta pay more attention to popular books.

I CANNOT believe Scifi is my most read genre. Scifi is such a great genre that I refused to read for so many years and it doesn’t even make sense.

There really isn’t a reason for this, but I do still enjoy tracking the color of the cover.

I think the dominant cover colors would be different based on what genres you read. I’d love to see more people track this!

The last one is a publisher graph. I have 3 trackers for publishers. First is the actual publisher, second is the publishers who own all those, and this one is the simplest.

My only regret is not reading more self pubbed authors! I need to do that more.

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