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March TBR ft. Final Book Support Group & Middle Grade March 2023

Hello readers! It’s March, which just happens to be my birthday month.

I’m hoping to do 2 readathons this month, The Final Book Support Group and Middle Grade March. I haven’t done any readathons yet this year. I used to do them almost every month, but haven’t found any that caught my eye yet.

It was not easy to get all these books into the prompts without adding too many books, but I did it. The theses here are books in a series (more specifically the last book), and middle grade books. Despite not reading a ton of middle grade series, I have a few crossovers.

The Final Book Support Group and the readathon were created by Steph Love and center on reading the final books in the series or just any books in a series. This round has teams and I just had to join the team called The Wolf’s Tooth, as my last name is Wolfe.

Middle Grade March was created by Books and Jams and centers around an entire month of reading middle grade books. I absolutely love middle grade and I love doing this readathon every single year. There isn’t a graphic for the prompts, but I’ll mention what they are as we go.

This is the final book in the Mr. Lemoncello’s Library series. I recommend this series to anyone who loves libraries, middle grade books, and games. They are such fun reads and I’m sad it’s coming to an end for me. However, this author has many more books I can read after.

For the readathons, this book will go for Final Book Support Group prompts Final Book and Something Wild and Adventurous.

Camp and Act are the 2nd and 3rd books in a middle grade series called Click. In book 1, the MC Olive is at the age where everyone is dividing into clicks. However, Olive likes being friends with everyone. When the entire grade has to do this talent show, Olive isn’t invited into any groups. She spends the weekend contemplating her friendships, future career, and talent show talent.

I got Camp in the random number generator for the Final Book Support Group readathon and added it for Aky or Sea on the cover in the MGM readathon. Act has been put in the Final Book Support Group prompt for a small book.

The Family Remains is the sequel to The Family Upstairs by the same author. The Family Upstairs follows Libby who is newly 25 and curious about her parents. She was put up for adoption as a baby and dives into the mystery of her parents.

This one checks off the final FBSG prompt for a dark cover. It’s also a final book, as far as I know. It’s been a ridiculously long time since I read a book by Jewell!

This is a middle grade following Reha who is feeling unsure of her identity. She is Indigenous but only goes to school with white people. She is also struggling with her mother, who is dying of cancer. I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time and I’m getting to it this month for sure.

This book fits the MGM prompt for a book that has won an award, but not a Newberry Award. This book has been nominated for a Newberry but hasn’t won one. It has won the Golden Kite Award and the Walter Dean Myers Award for Young Readers.

This one follows a rover named Res who slowly begins to learn human emotions from scientists at NASA. It follows him being sent to Mars and his journey living there.

This is not only the group book for the MGM readthon, but also fits the scifi prompt.

This one follows a waterboy who has OCD. He has all these habits that no one really knows about because he hides them. He meets a girl who seems to accept him as he is and they solve some sort of mystery together.

This one goes for the MGM prompt of a neurodiverse character.

The Secret Letters is the first and only book in a middle grade series called Mysteries of Trash and Treasures. This one follows a boy named Colin who is cleaning out an attic as a summer job. He ends up finding some letters that he can’t help but save and read.

We also follow Naveah who find another set of letters that connect to Colins and they end up trying to solve a mystery from the 70s together.

SECRET is the Buzzword for March and this book also counts for the last MGM prompt of a book published within the last year. This one came out in September.

I Have Some Questions For You follows a podcaster and teacher named Bodie and is a murder mystery. She is invited to teach at a boarding school she attended as a teen where her roommate was killed. She begins to look into the case as she sees some holes in the evidence.

I am 2nd in line one Libby, so it will be just in time for March.

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