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Book Blogger Hop: Libby

Hello readers! Today’s post is another Book Blogger Hop. I love this weeks topic!

If you’ve never heard of Book Blogger Hop, it is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. Each week a discussion topic is given and many book bloggers post based on that topic. New topics start on Friday and end that following Thursday.

This Weeks Topic: Have you joined the library reading app, Libby?

The short answer is, yes! I heavily use Libby in my reading.

I joined Libby back in 2019, and it completely changed my reading. I also have Hoopla for audiobooks, but don’t use it nearly as much.

I have ADHD, which does make it hard for me to read physical books a lot of the time. I still do read them, but I have trouble concetrating. I like that audiobooks give me the ability to do many things at once.

In 2019, I started going to the library again and that led me to find Libby. I was buying a ton of books that year and reading them with my eyes, but couldn’t have read as much as I did or still do without Libby.

56% of my reading this year has come from Libby alone, but it usually sits at around 80-90%. I even use Libby to read books I own. Sometimes I will listen to it completely and other times I will go back and forth, or listen and read at the same time.

I think Libby, Hoopla, or any other free audiobook app can bring a free way for many readers who have trouble concentrating some relief.

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