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Down the TBR Hole #2

Hello readers! We are on the 2nd round of Down the TBR Hole.

Y’all, I went to the book store the day after I did my first post and found one of the books I removed from my Want to Read shelf on sale. I can say I audibly gasped seeing the book because I had just given up on it and found it in the store! Of course, I did buy it. I can’t help it! It was so cheap and I hadn’t had the opportunity to buy it before.

This clearing of the Want to Read shelf really isn’t as easy as it seems!

 Essentially, you go through 5 to 10 books per post on your Want to Read shelf on GoodReads and purge all the ones you know you won’t be getting to anytime soon. If you want to see a more detailed version of how this works, check out Jody’s post. She is doing her Down the TBR Hole posts on Thursdays if you want to check those out!

Last time, we ended at 206 and we are still at 206. Even though I bought that book, I did not add it back on the shelf. I don’t put all the books I own on that shelf anyways.

I’m really not sure how many books we’ll go over today, but we will just have to see.

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