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The Personal Library Tag

Hello readers! It’s time for a tag post. I think I did do this one before 2 or so years ago, but I’m doing it again! How has everyone’s reading month gone so far?

This tag was created by fellow WP blogger 24hryabookclub.

How do you organize the books on your shelf?

Well, for the most part it is by genre. I have the books I read longer ago and loved closer to the very top. I have two shelves for contemporary books, one shelf of Sarah J. Maas and Brandon Sanderson, two of random stuff like nonfiction, thrillers, and other genres.

In my living room sits my classic books and my Stephen King books are a bit of everywhere.

I’m currently in the process of reorganizing everything. It really doesn’t have much of a system, but it all makes sense in my head.

Any particular aesthetic or niche genre of books you’d like to see more on your shelves?

Honestly, I would love to own more non-fiction. I usually read them via audiobooks or ebooks and never get around to owning a physical copy. I don’t read a ton of non-fiction, but I do love them when I do.

Pick a book on your shelf and share the personal story behind it.

I had to use a random number generator for this cos I genuinely didn’t know what to pick!

I got Ignite Me. I bought this book back in 2014. It was the last book I bought from my first job. My Mom wanted to move in with her long-term boyfriend at the time and all I had was a part-time job, so I moved to another town with her.

Name a book (or books) in your collection that people would be surprised to see that you own.

I think most people would be surprised to know I own Cassandra Clare books. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know I really don’t like her books or this series. However, I did read through the whole series and I think it helped me to learn more about my reading. I don’t think I’ve ever written better reviews than for these books. They are so bad, but I appreciate them on a weird level.

What’s a book you own that is still on your TBR?

I still own the last Lord of the Rings book and The Hobbit. I’ve had this box set of all the books since 2013 or before. I think they are the longest running books on my TBR. I do want to read them, but I’m just never in the mood to get to them.

Name a book (or books) that you desperately want to add to your personal library.

I really want House of Sky and Breath. I’m waiting for the paperback to come out. I finally got A Court of Silver Flames and I’m ready to get that one, too!

One I’ve read that I really want is Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. I want the UK cover because the US cover just isn’t that great. Sanderson doesn’t have the best covers in the US versions.

Any particular goals you have for your collection?

I want to collect more books by my favorite authors. I’m talking about Sarah J Maas, Brandon Sanderson, Sophie Kinsella, and my most owned author Stephen King. I own a lot of King books, but I also have a lot I don’t own.

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