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14 Spring 2023 New Releases

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about new releases coming out this Spring. I have been paying attention to this topic more than ever in 2023, so this list is much longer than usual. I always struggle to get even 5 or so books each time and this time I have a solid 15.

March 28th

This one follows Hamra, who has just turned 13. No one remembered her birthday and that causes her to be a bit reckless in the jungle.

When she takes something from the forest without permission, a weretiger roams her dreams asking for a price to be paid. She roams the jungle to make what she did right.

April 18th

Both Feet in the Grave is the 8th book in the Night Huntress series. This series ended 5 years ago and the author decided to publish another book. I’m not sure if this will be a good or bad thing, but I will be picking it up at some point.

April 25th

All I really know about this one is it’s a YA graphic novel and it centers eating disorders. The MC has been struggling with binging and purging and she wants to get help, but doesn’t know how to ask.

May 2nd

This one follows Effie who is struggling to find the perfect college. One that will accept her and is accessible for her wheelchair. She finds a college in NYC she really want to apply for and her crush is possibly going there, too.

We follow Effie struggling with ablelism, college life, and a possible romance.

May 9th

Grounded is a middle grade books following four kids stuck in an airport due to terrible weather. The four of them don’t have much in common, but they are stuck together and form some sort of friendship.

May 16th

I haven’t read anything by Kuang before, but this books seems very different from anything shes written so far.

This one follows two authors, June, who is white, and Athena, who is Asian. They are both planning to publish in the same year, but Athena dies before that can happen. This causes June to steal Athena’s work.

Not only does June take Athena’s work, she also created an Asian pseudonym called Juniper Song. June struggles to keep her secret as some people may figure it out.

May 23rd

This one follows a non-verbal autistic girl named Ariana who has a sexual encounter with Luis that she didn’t feel was consentual. One day, she finds a note in her locker inviting her to the Luis Ortega survival club, where a few other people are dedicated to exposing Luis for the predator he is.

I read Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School at the end of last year and I can’t wait to read more from this author!

June 6th

Love Letters For Joy follows Joy, a 17-year-old in her Sophomore year of high school, in a rivals to lovers with two people fighting to become valedictorian.

I added this one for the asexual rep and it has some sort of disability rep as well.

June 6th

This one follows a girl whose parents own a donut shop. She has a passion for baking herself and earns a spot on a baking show. She is not only hoping to win, but to also gain attention for the shop.

When I hear a book involves food, especially a food competition, I am hyped immediately. Foodie books are my absolute favorite of all!

June 6th

This one follows two twins during Ramadan. They are about to graduate high school and move into adulthood. Their older brother then gets out of prison and he is acting very odd, but they don’t know why.

Outside of the home, a business is raided which brings all the locals together for a protest. No one really knows what happened and all people are up for questioning.

June 6th

Aisha is like any other girl who loved ballet, except she isn’t treated the same. When her ballet school prepares for shows, she is always looked over for not looking the part.

She switches to a new ballet school and the racism continues there as well. She has to find a way to overcome all the hurdles in her life with ballet, losing a friend, and a possible love interest.

June 6th

Pageboy is Elliot Page’s memoir coming out at the very end of Spring. I am super excited to get to this one. I used to think celebrity memoirs were not worth my time, but lately I’ve been reading them more and more.

What is your favorite memoir by a celebrity? I want to get into them more, but I’ve only read a few.

June 13th

Kissmat Connection follows Madhuri. Her mother is obsessed with astrology and is sure her year will be terrible. It’s her senior year of high school and she is determined to change her fate.

She tries an experiment by dating her best friend, but it doesn’t go as she plans. She starts to fall for him and fears her fated bad year could rub off on him.

June 20th

This one comes out on the very last day of Spring. Its a YA slasher following Charity. She has a summer job as a camp counselor that goes very wrong.

I am so excited to get to this one. I have yet to read a slasher that I loved and I think this one could be the one!

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