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Every Book I Own 6

Hello readers! It’s time for another edition of every book I own.

I can’t believe March is almost over. I know I kind of went hiatus for a week, but it really wasn’t intentional. I will eventually let everyone know what craziness is going on in my life, but not just yet. Just know, I might be gone a lot next month as I will be relocating. I’m going to try my best to NOT skip any more posts. We will just have to see.

Two days ago I wrote down all the reasons I might be gone a lot, but I honestly don’t want a certain person to see it until I know I’m safe from more retaliation.

ANYWAYS, back to what everyone is here for. BOOKS! This is a shorter edition of the EBIO series, but the next one will be HUGE and centered around my most owned author.

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