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Every Book I Own: Stephen King Edition

Hello readers! Today’s post is a continuation of a series I was doing a few months ago. Every 1 to 2 Fridays I was going over all the books I own and were getting back into it (hopefully). This one is going to be dedicated only to Stephen King. This is because I own so many books by him. I usually do around 10 to 20 books in each post, but I know I have more than that to show here for just him.

CLICK HERE to catch up on this series. I have 6 previous posts! Just as a reminder (as it has been a while) this series only shows my read books.

For some background, I used to absolutely HATE reading. When I was a kid, reading was something I only did when I had to. One thing I did always love is horror movies. When I was about 11, I discovered Stephen King’s movies and I started watching as many as I could. A year later, I learned he was an author and was gifted a few of his books. From that moment, I became a reader. I would not be a reader today if not for his books! That is the reason I own so many King books.

(This series was later published as The Green Mile.)

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