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Goodreads Was Wrong Book Tag

Hello readers! Today, I am bringing you a tag. This tag was originally created by Booktuber Gabs About Books. The aim of this tag is to show my unpopular opinions. I just wanted to inform my readers that am planning a long-ish hiatus very soon. I have been so overwhelmed lately from posting on thisContinue reading “Goodreads Was Wrong Book Tag”

Middle Grade March Book Tag

Hello readers! It is almost Middle Grade March and I thought it would be a great idea to do the MGM book tag. I wanted to do some form a recommendations post for MGM, and this is an amazing way. Please comment don below and let me know what your favorite middle grade book isContinue reading “Middle Grade March Book Tag”

The Shaded Choice Awards Tag

Hello readers and welcome or welcome back to my bookish blog. Today we are doing a tag post. I know my last post was a tag as well, but I promise my next one will not be! This tag is inspired by the new Shaded Choice Awards, which are essentially the Goodreads Choice Awards, butContinue reading “The Shaded Choice Awards Tag”

Monsterathon Tag 2020

Hello readers! In today‚Äôs post, I plan on giving some recommendations for the Monsterathon prompts with the Monsterathon Tag. I have recently posted my September TBR so I thought it would be the perfect time to do this tag. I tried my best to give the most diverse set of authors and characters that IContinue reading “Monsterathon Tag 2020”