Fall Into Reading-athon TBR

Hello readers! I am back from an unscheduled break over the weekend. Nothing happened, I just felt like taking the weekend off. I am back with a TBR for a readathon that starts today and goes until the 26th. I have done every round of this for the past two year except the summer oneContinue reading “Fall Into Reading-athon TBR”

My Entire Physical TBR: September 2021 Update

Hello readers! Today’s post is my entire physical TBR update. If you don’t know, I make a post about all the books I own and haven’t read once every 3 months. This September, I have less books than ever. My TBR is officially lower than it was in January, even if it’s only down byContinue reading “My Entire Physical TBR: September 2021 Update”

30 Books to Read in the 30 Months before I’m 30

Hello readers! This is a post I’ve been working on now for a few months and am really excited to share with you! As of this month, I am 27 1/2, meaning I have 30 months left before I’m 30. I’ve seen some posts where people name 30 books to read before 30, but IContinue reading “30 Books to Read in the 30 Months before I’m 30”

All the Books I’m Currently Reading

Hello readers! I’ve been wanting to make this post for a while now exposing myself for ALL the books I accidently never finished. This is a list of every book I am in the middle of, would like to finish, but just never did. MOST of these books are ones I OWN. I really haveContinue reading “All the Books I’m Currently Reading”

My Entire Physical TBR: June 2021 Update

Hello readers! It has been 3 months since I updated this last, so here is my current TBR pile. I have managed to whittle the TBR down a bit. Next time I do this post, it should be even better. I am planning a good size unhaul in July. I don’t mind having a biggerContinue reading “My Entire Physical TBR: June 2021 Update”

June TBR + Whatever You Want-athon

Hello readers! Today’s post is my TBR for June including the Whatever You Want-athon. Whatever You Want-athon was created by Booktuber Book Browsing Blog and it runs the entire month of June. I am on team Epic and High! Please comment down below what team you are on, if you are participating. I actually hadContinue reading “June TBR + Whatever You Want-athon”

My Last Minute Do The Thing-athon TBR

Hello readers! As of Monday, I am 100% vaccinated now. I am feeling pretty good now that is over with. Today I am bringing you a last minute TBR for the Do the thing-athon. I didn’t fully plan on doing this until just a few days ago. So, here we are. I love doing readathons!Continue reading “My Last Minute Do The Thing-athon TBR”

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