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Fall New Releases

Hello readers! In today’s post, we are going over the new releases that come out this fall that I’m excited to get to! Most of these I haven’t heard anyone talking about, so I hope to bring you a few you haven’t heard of. Let me know in the comments what new releases you areContinue reading “Fall New Releases”

Spring 2021 New Book Releases

Hello readers! Today we are going over 9 new releases coming out this spring that I am excited to read. I was originally going to do this post at the beginning of the year and half way through the year, but I now have a pretty extensive list of books, so I’m gonna do thisContinue reading “Spring 2021 New Book Releases”

Most Anticipated 2021 Book Releases: Blogmas Day 7

Hello everyone and welcome to day seven of Blogmas! I hope you have been enjoying my posts so far. Todays post is a short list of books that I am looking forward to reading in the first half of 2021. Just to make this easier on everyone, I will have these in order of publication.Continue reading “Most Anticipated 2021 Book Releases: Blogmas Day 7”