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2021 in Review + stats & wrapping up goals

Hello readers! Today’s post is my 2021 reading year in review. I read 46,260 pages across 169 books. First I’m going to go over how I did on my reading goals and then give you some of my stats for the whole year. My first goal was to read more new releases. I read 33Continue reading “2021 in Review + stats & wrapping up goals”

How I’m Doing on My Reading Goals

Hello readers! I thought it would be a good idea to go over my reading goals and how I’m doing on them. I haven’t been tracking them in 2021 as much as I have in previous years, so I might be really far behind on some! If you would like to see the original postContinue reading “How I’m Doing on My Reading Goals”

2021 Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 9

Hello readers and welcome back to Blogmas! It is day 9, and today we are going to discuss my reading goals for 2021. Some of these might change over the course of the next month, but most of them are solid. One of my favorite aspects of reading is setting reading goals and tracking themContinue reading “2021 Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 9”