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All the Series I’ve Finished Part 5: Blogmas Day 6

Hello readers! I know this post is coming a bit late in the lady, but just know I have COVID right now. I haven’t been sick like this in probably a decade. However, I’m not letting it stop me from doing Blogmas! If you missed the first four parts of this, CLICK HERE to startContinue reading “All the Series I’ve Finished Part 5: Blogmas Day 6”

All My Finished Series (PART 4)

Hello readers! It is now July. I posted the first 3 parts of this a few months ago and I wanted to wait to finish a few more series before posting this one. For now, this will be the last one to post, until I finish a bunch of new series. Enjoy! AVG rating: 5Continue reading “All My Finished Series (PART 4)”