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My Entire Physical TBR: Blogmas Day 15

Hello readers! Today’s post is my entire physical TBR update. The last update to this post was all the way back in July. A LOT has changed this time. I unhauled a bunch of books and I finally finished logging them all. I had a lot more unread books than I previously thought, but theyContinue reading “My Entire Physical TBR: Blogmas Day 15”

January 2023 TBR: Blogmas Day 14

Hello readers! It’s almost 2023 and that means it’s time for a TBR post. A big portion of TBR is going to be taken up by books toward my reading goals. I want to put my best foot forward for the new year. HOWEVER, I also have found a ton of readalongs to do andContinue reading “January 2023 TBR: Blogmas Day 14”

Let’s Talk About Every Book I Own: Blogmas Day 13

Hello readers! Today’s post is sort of an intro for something I’m starting in 2023. I want to go over every single book I own, but not all at once because I own a ton of books. Later this month will be another updated TBR for all the books I own, then I want toContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Every Book I Own: Blogmas Day 13”

2nd Chance Authors: Blogmas Day 12

Hello readers! Merry Christmas Eve, if you celebrate. Today I wanted to make a post about authors I’ve read before and want to give another chance. I did a post like this before in October 2020 when I was on Wix and I did an update to those authors earlier this year. Some of thoseContinue reading “2nd Chance Authors: Blogmas Day 12”

Most Read Authors: Blogmas Day 11

Hello readers! Today we are going over my top 8 most-read authors. I made another post just like this in the summer of 2021, so I thought it would be a great time for an update. In 2022, my most-read author is Julie Anne Lindsey. I read the 7 books in the Seaside Cafe series,Continue reading “Most Read Authors: Blogmas Day 11”

How I Did on My Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 10

Hello readers! Today’s post is wrapping up my reading goals from 2022. I had 7 goals in 2022 and I know I didn’t do the best this year. However, I am ready for the new year. Goal #1 was to read 200 books. I genuinely thought I could do this because I had an amazingContinue reading “How I Did on My Reading Goals: Blogmas Day 10”