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Guilty Reader Tag

Hello readers! Today’s post is another tag. This one was created by former Booktuber Read Like Wildfire. I can’t find the original as it no longer exists. This tag is all about the reading habits you might find yourself feeling guilty for having. Have you ever re-gifted a book you’ve been given? Yes! Almost 10Continue reading “Guilty Reader Tag”

Let’s Talk Bookish: Are Reading Goals Worth It?

Hello readers! Today I am starting something new. I know, I’ve been starting a lot of new things this month. Hopefully I have not over committed! This is another weekly meme involing opinions on certain topics, sort of like Book Blogger Hop. Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme that was created by Eternity Books andContinue reading “Let’s Talk Bookish: Are Reading Goals Worth It?”

Every Book I Own 4

Hello readers! How is everyone doing this month? I have had a busy month! Valentines Day, my Anniversary, and my Mom’s birthday kept me busy. Today we are looking at a few more books that I own, read books only. An update to my unread books will be coming at the end of next month.Continue reading “Every Book I Own 4”

WWW Wednesday (2/22/23)

Hello readers! I am back with another WWW Wednesday. I can’t believe I’m here two weeks in a row. I am writing this the night before because my Mom’s birthday is tomorrow, well today for you. If you don’t know, WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Taking On a World of Words where you shareContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (2/22/23)”

Down the TBR Hole: 2023 Edition

Hello readers! Today I am starting a new series. Every other Monday (hopefully), I am going to be wittling down my Want to Read shelf on Goodreads. It really has gotten out of hand in the past year or so. I was inspired to do this series again because Down the TBR Hole has aContinue reading “Down the TBR Hole: 2023 Edition”

Book Blogger Hop: ARC Sources

Hello readers! Today’s post is a book blogger hop. I have only done this once before, and it was a long time ago, but I’m here to try it again. If you’ve never heard of Book Blogger Hop, it is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. Each week a discussion topic is given andContinue reading “Book Blogger Hop: ARC Sources”

Every Book I Own: Part 3

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about the books I own. This is part 3 and we are finally getting a good chunk into my books. What is your most owned author? Mine is probably Stephen King, which we won’t see here for a while. If you missed the previous posts in this series andContinue reading “Every Book I Own: Part 3”

WWW Wednesday (2/15/23)

Hello readers! Today’s post is a WWW Wednesday. I haven’t done one this year yet. Looking back, the last time I did one of these posts was July 2022. I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day. I went to the movies for the first time since Christmas of 2021 and saw Knock at theContinue reading “WWW Wednesday (2/15/23)”

What Makes Me Pick up a Book? Tag

Hello readers! Today’s post is a rare one for me. I love doing tags, but I don’t find new ones I want to do often. Let me know what book tag I should do next! What makes me pick up a book tag was created by Booktuber Wonderfully Bookish. Do you judge a book byContinue reading “What Makes Me Pick up a Book? Tag”

Every Book I Own: Part 2

Hello readers! I meant to do this post before now, but I didn’t get to it. I hope to post them more often from here because I own a lot of books. We have quite a few books in this one today, as I don’t want to break up the series within posts. To seeContinue reading “Every Book I Own: Part 2”