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Series I Started in 2022: Blogmas Day 2

Hello readers! Today’s post is about the series I started in 2022 and whether I continued, will continue, or if I’m done with the series. I did pretty well this year with not starting too many series. Last year I started 20 series or something insane and I tried to be more mindful in 2022Continue reading “Series I Started in 2022: Blogmas Day 2”

Series I’ve Started in 2021 (3rd Quarter)

Hello readers! Today I am going over the series I have started in the 3rd quarter of this year. If you missed it, CLICK here for the 14 series I started in the 1st quarter and CLICK here for the 10 series I started in the 2nd quarter of the year. I have started WAYContinue reading “Series I’ve Started in 2021 (3rd Quarter)”