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Bookoplathon Wrap Up

Hello readers! Today I am wrapping up the 6 books I read for Bookoplathon. I almost finished 7 books, but I was super tired at the end. I didn’t exactly force myself to stay up all night, but I did sleep less than usual.

I had an enjoyable time doing this readathon and I can’t wait for the next round. I didn’t read anything else this month and I hope this really set me into gear. I was back into reading in April until I read a book I didn’t like!

The Wild Robot fit the Gods prompt for Bookoplathon. She said we could do a book with AI. This book is about a robot who lives on an island with a bunch of animals. The robot doesn’t know where it came from, just that it woke up for the first time on this island.

If you like books that are very character-driven, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. There isn’t much of a plot, but I didn’t mind that. I will warn there is quite a bit of animal death in this book because almost every character is an animal. It isn’t violent or anything. It did leave off on somewhat of a cliffhanger and I know the next book will be a good one, too.

I finally caved and tried Heartstopper Vol 2. This one was supposed to be for the prompt of a short book, which is under 300 pages, BUT it is a few pages over 300. I was sure I wouldn’t try this book, but I saw it at the library and couldn’t resist picking it up. IDK how I feel about this series. It is really cute and fluffy and I need some drama or angst in my romance.

Charlie and Nick are really cute, but I need a bit more from romances I read. I prefer adult romances with sassy characters, smut, and angst!

A Clickwork Orange fit for the prompt of a color in the title. A Clockwork Orange follows a teen named Alex. He and his friend group do a lot of really bad things together. They go around town and just bring terror. It also involves aversion therapy, which is horrible within itself. This book contains a lot of violence and even rape.

I personally like this story. It is really about free will and how no one is inherently good or evil. The writing is very lyrical and involves a lot of slang-terms. I don’t know if I would’ve understood it if I hadn’t seen the movie first. I personally just have a hard time vibing with lyrical writing, most of the time. However, I like what this story did and especially the ending. Alex is an unlikeable narrator, but somehow we still can feel bad for him in the middle of the story.

These two books counted for the prompts of an ebook and a spooky book.

Well, these books just get crazier and crazier as they go. If you think the show is violent, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These books are NOT for the light hearted. There is every trigger warning on here from the n word, child murder, rape, and even violent mutilation. I was not prepared. However, I’m still reading on because I want to see how different it is from the show. Not much is the exact same, but I’m ready to see it.

Go With The Flow was for the YA prompt. I personally think it could be YA or Middle Grade. This one follows four friends and their fight against the school to provide free pads and tampons at school. Each MC has their own thing going on. One is discovering her sexuality, one is getting her period for the firs t time and being bullied, another is suffering with endometreosis, and the 4th has started a period-centered blog to destigmatise period talk.

I am finding that I really like fictions books about femenist topics, as long as it doesn’t involve trauma births.

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