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My Giant April 2021 TBR

Hello readers! Happy March 29th! It is my 27th birthday! The past three months have just flown by, so now we are going over my April TBR. I did really well in March with sticking to my TBR, so I am hopeful for the future months. I am in the mood to continue some series in April. I’m also going to name a few picks for Buzzwordathon this upcoming month!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links for Better World Books and Amazon in this post!


I am still doing the Crabalong this year, and the next book is Well of Ascension. I am still reading The Final Empire, but I will have it done before April. I am really going to try to stop waiting until the last week of the month to read the Sanderson book on my TBR.

Trigger Warnings: Abuse, death, murder, prostitution, slavery, violence, and mentions of rape


I recently got this from the library. I moved to a new town around this time in 2020 and just now got a library card. I know this book is about a person who wakes up each day, and it is the same day over and over, but they are in a new body. Each day they are trying to investigate a murder, and they don’t know which person did it. So, it is a murder mystery with the groundhog day trope, and is also set on a ship. This sounds really interesting and I’m excited to get to it!

Trigger warnings: murder, fatphobia, suicide, discussions of rape, drug use


I started this series five years ago, and it is about time I continued it. I have seen all the movies, and I really do love them. I am just ready to finish this series and try more by this author.

Orange is a short manga series. I hope to read the entire thing in April. I’m really trying to get back into mangas in 2021. Back in middle school and high school, I read them ALL THE TIME. Now that I have a new library card and a new Kindle, I’m going to be reading a lot more mangas and graphic novels.


This is a graphic novel memoir that I have wanted to read for a long while now. I did a lot of research last year to find some diverse books for my daughter to read, but I want to read them first.


This is a series I have wanted to continue since reading the first book, but I haven’t been able to fit it in. I am determined to get to it this month!

Trigger warnings: abuse, domestic abuse, forced marriage, kidnapping, violence, misogyny, murder, Stockholm syndrome, PTSD


I read the first book in this series back in 2013, which is called Obsidian. I reread it in 2019 to see if I still like it, and I do. So, I am finally continuing on with this series. My husband bought me this book on Kindle for my birthday, which should be the day I post this. She has so many series I want to read, including From Blood and Ash, and I have made a rule that I have to finish this series first, or I know I never will. It is an enemies to lovers paranormal romance about aliens.


This is the 4th book in the Shopaholic series. I now own all nine books, and I need to start getting through them!

Trigger Warnings: This series is about a shopping addiction, and that doesn’t seem serious, but it is an addiction still. The MC does have a lot of thoughts about falling back onto her addiction and she gives in over and over through the series. This may be triggering for anyone with ANY addiction, current or previous.


It seems that I really love nonfiction graphic novels. This is the last book in a series about John Lewis’s life. If you don’t know who John Lewis was, he was a US representative in Georgia, before his unfortunate death in 2020, but he also was a political activist his entire life. He was arrested on many occasions while protesting. He even walked with Martin Luther King JR in Selma, Alabama in 1965. If you have ever watched the movie Selma, that movie is partially about him. John Lewis was the kind of person we could all only hope to be, and the world is darker without him in it.

Trigger Warnings: police brutality, racism, racial slurs, graphic violence, murder, racially motivated crime, bombs


I don’t know if I will read this entire series, but I want to get in quite a few of the books. My husband bought me this box set for my birthday. I read these books before, probably ten years ago. At the time, it was my favorite series I had ever read. I want to read them all once more and experience it all over again. I surprisingly remember a lot of this series, and I think it will remain a favorite.


I’m going to start this one before the end of March, but I don’t think I will get it finished before the end of the month. I received an ARC of The Plot on Netgalley. The book comes out on May 11th. I will give you more of a synopsis, trigger warnings, and my thoughts once I actually read it.


This is my pick for the Buzzwordathon. April’s theme is space related words. This book has sun and star in the title, so it should count. I do have other books for this Buzzwordathon, but I don’t want to add any more books to this TBR.

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