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Fall New Releases

Hello readers! In today’s post, we are going over the new releases that come out this fall that I’m excited to get to! Most of these I haven’t heard anyone talking about, so I hope to bring you a few you haven’t heard of. Let me know in the comments what new releases you are excited for this fall because I don’t have a ton to look forward to.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links within this post. When you use my links, you will be supporting my content and I will make a small commission.


October 5th

A Spindle Splintered is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I know it’s about a girl who is approaching her 21st birthday, which is fated to be her last one. She experienced some kind of accident as a child that shortened her life.

She pricks her finger on a spindle and is sent into another world.

I really love portal fantasy and haven’t really read much in 2021. This one could get me back into the genre!


October 12th

Frankie and Bug is the middle grade debut of Gayle Forman, better known for her YA book If I Stay.

This one is set in the 80s and is about Bug. She wants to go to the beach and her entire family is too busy to go with her. She is forced to go to the beach with a neighbor she doesn’t know named Frankie and they soon find out they have more in common than they realized.

I know it’s LGBT, so I assume the thing they have in common is that. This story will be really interesting to see the social climate of LGBT youth in a time when HIV was known as GRID.


October 19th

This Is Our Rainbow is a bunch of short stories by many different authors. I am interested in it because of those authors is Alex Gino. Gino is a non-binary author that writes AMAZING LGBT centered middle grade books.

The stories within this book are about people of all different genders, sexualities, and are in many different genres.

Even thought I don’t love short stories, I do enjoy the process of seeing a small story from a ton of authors to find some new favorites!


October 26th

This one is a foodie romance. I have two on this list. Oddly enough, both are by Chinese authors.

Donut Fall In Love is about a guy whose mother has passed recently and his dad doesn’t see him much. He meets a girl at her own bakery when he knocks over a tray of donuts. He signs up for a food competition and asks her to teach him how to bake.

It seems like this is in the perspective of the male character, which is an interesting twist! I am really loving foodie books recently and I’m all for this one.


November 2nd

The Donut Trap is a foodie romance about a girl named Jasmine who returns home to work at her parent’s donut shop. She runs into an old college friend. He has dinner with her parents and something disastrous is revealed.

Both her parents and his parents don’t want them to be together, and they have to fight it along with Jasmine helping her parents donut shop not to shut down.


November 2nd

This one is a mlm romance about two men in Edwardian London and also involves a secret magical society. I really love that trope and haven’t read many books with it, and I’m not sure why.

I don’t always read a lot of historical fiction, but I do love seeing historical mixed with other genres!

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