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WWW Wednesday (4/13/22)

Hello readers! It is Wednesday again and it’s time for another update on my reading. My reading is going amazingly this month. I did just DNF a book, BUT I still think it’s a good reading month.

If you would like more updates about my reading, follow me on Instagram. I post stories almost every day about all kinds of things, including reading. My Insta is linked in my Linktree at the bottom of every post.

If you don’t know, WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Taking On a World of Words where you share what you have read recently, are currently reading, and will read next. You can do this EVERY week, or as often as you like.

www wed

My Monday post inspired me to continue in this series. It really is about time. Shopaholic to the Stars is the 7th and longest book in the Shopaholic series. It is almost 500 pages!

I am only about 30 pages in, so I don’t have many opinions just yet.

www wed

I got around halfway through this one before I just decided to DNF it. There isn’t anything wrong with it, I was just bored.

I have a really hard time deciphering metaphorical meanings behind books and I know it went over my head with this one.

I, Robot is made up of short stories, all involving robots in some way. It just isn’t what I’m looking for while exploring sci-fi, but I’m happy to have tried it.

www wed

This one finally arrived to my Libby account this morning. All I know is we are following a group of people traveling through space.

Lots of people have told me it’s gonna be a good one and I’m hoping I like it. I’m having a lot of fun recently exploring sci-fi this month!

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