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WWW Wednesday (3/8/23)

Hello readers! Its been an interesting read month. I have finished 2 books, and haven’t really enjoyed either. I am still hopeful that I’ll turn this month around!

If you don’t know, WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Taking On a World of Words where you share what you have read recently, are currently reading, and will read next. You can do this EVERY week, or as often as you like.

www wed

I am usually wary of trying spooky books like this because I don’t tend to enjoy them much. However, I am always trying to take risks in my reading. I never know what book could become a favorite!

I am 7 chapters into The Spite House. So far, there is a man and his two daughters who have suddenly moved to another Texas from Maryland. We don’t really know why they suddenly disappeared, but we do know the dad wants to buy this house where they did move because it was owned by a family member.

Eric and his family are living in a motel while he’s doing odd jobs to get by. When he is offered to stay in The Spite House and investigate paranormal activity, he can’t help but take the offer. With this job comes a home to stay in and a paycheck.

www wed

This is the first book in the revamp of the Shatter Me trilogy. I both enjoyed and disliked this book. I liked the political aspects and the new world building we are getting here.

I really didn’t enjoy Juliette. She is so unpredictable, and not in a good way. One minute she will be upset because no one is telling her things and the next she is telling everyone she is tired of hearing them talk when they are telling her secrets. 80% of her interactions with the love interest were just awful. I think I’ll continue in the series, but I hope Juliette becomes more tolerable.

www wed

This is the 5th book in the Mr. Lemoncello series. I am saddened to finish this series, but also exctied to read another. This series has games, book references, and libraries all in one. Mr. Lemoncello is sort of like Willy Wonka, but for Libraries and board games.

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